• Clipwall and perforated clipwall can be powdercoated to any colour


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Clipwall™ can be used in any environment, from fashion and accessories stores to plumbing supply retailers, even the automotive industry and home garages. Clipwall™ has a wide range of metal and acrylic accessories and with the addition of the Slatbox storage boxes the Clipwall™ system offers great solutions for merchandising displays and offers a well organised storage option.

Features and benefits of Clipwall™

No other slatted merchandising system can compete with Clipwall™ for durability, good looks and economy. The Clipwall™ system is so simple and the components so easy to handle that it can be readily installed in half the time it takes for other slatted alternatives. In fact because it is lightweight metal, Clipwall™ panels can be effortlessly assembled by one person. Only Clipwall™ comes in continuous lengths of up to 3.6 metres which gives the added advantage of long join-free sections. All components discreetly lock together so that there are no visible fixings.

Finish options

Clipwall™ and perforated Clipwall™ are available in any durable powdercoat colour. refer to a colour chart or supply the manufacturer, mei + picchi, with a colour sample to best match the finish you are after. Clipwall™ is also available in the standard galvanised finish.

Clipwall powdercoated slotted wall system Clipwall galvanised slotted wall system  Clipwall perforated galvanised pegboard wall system
Powdercoat finish Galvanised finish Perforated galvanised finish 


  • Edge Trims can be powder-coated in a different colour to the Profiles. 
  • It can be easily incorporated into any merchandising situation: walls, free-standing units or gondolas.
  • The steel profiles are much stronger and less prone to damage than slatted timber panels.
  • Its unique design means there is no need for battening or cladding of walls.

Visual impact

The advantage of Clipwall™ being powdercoated in any durable colour to suit your store design is seen as a huge advantage to many customers. The most impressive feature of perforated Clipwall™ is its ability to be backlit, which enhances product presentation over an entire wall or in a specific area.

Ease of installation Clipwall assembly

Due to its lightweight components, Clipwall™ is very easy to transport, cut to size and assemble onsite. Clipwall™ profiles simply slot into each other for easier installation and structural strength. The Clipwall™ steel profiles resist damage and chipping, and last longer than MDF alternatives.

The lightweight Clipwall™ metal profile is stronger, lighter and easier to install than other slatted wall systems.

Clipwall™ is available exclusively from mei + picchi in Australia and New Zealand www.meipicchi.com.

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