Fishing Tackle Shop Storage Solutions

The Slatbox™ range of storage and display boxes is perfect for the large variety of product on display in a Fishing Tackle store. Slatbox™ easily handles heavy, bulky and irregularly shaped items! This Fishing Tackle store is utilising our Storbox™, Shelfbox™, Popbox™ and Cratebox™ ranges.

Popbox™ series showing its strength
Popbox™ Cube carrying 20kgs each!
Popbox™ Cube displaying lead sinkers.
Popbox™ Cube stores with convenience
Popbox™ Jumbo holding irregular
shaped  items,

Popbox™ Jumbo securely stores bulky   items with style and in built strength.

Cratebox™ Long displays and organises.
Cratebox™ Long ideal for small parts storage and securing fragile items.
Popbox™ Jumbo in action  
Slatbox™ provides strength and style for your product display and storage.
Ergonomic access and visibility with Cratebox™ Jumbo


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