Sterilised Hospital Grade Storage Bins & Sysems


Hospital Storage Bins

Hospital  Storage Bins SlatboxHospital Storage  Bin Sterile

Can Slatbox® products be sterilised for clinical or hygiene purposes?

Yes, our products are microwave safe and can withstand dishwasher and
heat sterilisation up to 120 degrees Celsius. They are also freezer safe (-40 degrees Celsius).

Steam (Autoclaving) Method

 Sterilization cycles with temperatures up to a maximum 120°C (250°F) are recommended. Avoid contact with instruments or any metal object. Product may be affected by repeated sterilization and should be checked periodically. Allow to dry in a sterile environment.

Cold Method 

Follow the sterilant manufacturer's guidelines carefully.
1 Immerse product fully in the solution ensuring displacement of trapped air.
2 Soak items according to sterilant manufacturer's instructions for disinfection or sterilization.
3 Remove products and allow to drain.
4 Rinse in sterile water for at least 5 minutes.
5 Blot dry on a sterile field.
6 Allow to dry in sterile environment.


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