Toyota Car Dealership Storage Systems

This Toyota dealer has chosen the Slatbox™ system as the perfect system to compliment their Kaizan methodology. The dealer is using our Storbox™ range in red and our Shelfbox™ range in clear in their spare parts department. Storbox™ in clear is also used at point of purchase in their accessories department.


Oh what a feeling!   Point of sale accessories are displayed with ease
Clear Storbox™ for display of packaged items and visual appeal.   Clear Storbox™ for visual appeal and storage of loose items.
Clearly marked and quick visual
check of stock level.
  Space efficient storage using Storbox™.
Toyota's Kaizan system using Storbox™.   Close to hand with Shelfbox™ storage of components.
Sturdy storage plus easy access with Shelfbox™   Storbox™ dividers add versatility


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