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The Unislat wall system is made from a lightweight plastic which is 50% lighter than wood or metal. It is very easy to install and simply snaps together without revealing the wall brackets or screws creating a smooth and sleek finish.

History of Unislat

Unislat has been around for awhile now, and there is a clear advantage when it comes to using Unislat as opposed to other wall systems. Unislat is resistant to most chemicals and easy to clean, which is ideal if hospitals use Unislat in conjunction with Slatbox storage bins for a clean room environment. It has a consistent colour which wood cannot accomplish without expensive inserts; this is due to the fade resistant nature of the plastic used. Easy to install, Unislat is the ultimate wall storage system, perfect for trade shows, home use, garage, and absolutely ideal for hospitals and pharmacies.

Industries Unislat is used in

Unislat can be used to turn a room into two or four rooms, it can be used in the office, garage, trade shows, home organisation, and the options are vast and varied. For trade shows, the Unislat system is the perfect choice, Unislat wont chip, warp, break or discolour and can be customized to fit any trade show. The table top & free standing three sided system is the ultimate trade show display centre, it can be placed anywhere and the table top creates more product exposure.

The medical industry benefits greatly from Unislat as it is easy to clean, low maintenance, and is approved for “clean room environment”.  The accessories of Unislat such as Slatbox storage bins ensure that hospitals and pharmacies can utilise greater storage capacity for expensive medical supplies. Hospitals that use the Store ‘n’ go Unislat caddy which is a portable storage system which accessories such as plastic bins can be attached to, report that they can fit 105 different sutures in the caddy. The mobile, space saving caddy maximises space as it can be rolled away and stored somewhere when not in use.

Features and benefits of Unislat

Not only is Unislat a practical, time saving, product enhancing storage unit, it comes in a range of colours which increase the aesthetic look of the already sleek design. Colours come in white, black, dove grey, sandstone, wood look—cherry, oak, white grain, birch, bright white grain, and walnut.

A wide variety of shelving, baskets, and plastic storage bins can be attached to the Unislat wall system which can hold a variety of products. It has unbeatable strength and durability with the heavy duty brackets easily holding 50lbs.

Unislat has a product for every need, whether it the table top & free standing three sided system or the Unislat rotating towers which is perfect for trade shows or shop fitting and store fixture. Or the versatile Unislat gondola backer panel which allows retailers to put products on the back of the display behind the shelving and build the Unislat gondola backer to whatever height is required. The Unislat product is such a flexible product it can literally be used in any area of home, garage, hospital, business and trade shows.

The manufacturers of Unislat and their locations

Unislat is available in the USA from the manufacturer, Unislat at www.unislat.com.


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