Slatbox Wall Systems


Slatbox fits all slatwall systems including the following: slatwall, megawall, flowwall, storewall, plankwall, slatgrid, pegboard, slatgrid.

Pegboard, or perforated hardboard, is a type of board material that is used to place hooks or pegs in for hanging tools or other items that require a hook.

Slat Grid is a basic mesh that looks a lot like grid wall – it comes in rectangles instead of squares in most cases.  It’s sturdy, slightly thicker and can accommodate slat wall and grid wall accessories if required – it’s versatile and designed to be used in a variety of situations and uses.

Grid wall, also known as Square Grid, is a varying size set of mesh squares, in panels.  Used in everything from shelf construction to an alternative to peg board for storage and hanging, its most common use is in shops that require more flexibility than other solutions can afford, and a clear line of sight through displays.

Slatwall is an MDF board with grooves that have been routed in a parallel direction then inserted with either aluminium or plastic sleeves to give the MDF board added strength that is then used as a wall system to hold hooks, racks, and storage bins.

StoreWALL StoreWall is a type of slatwall that is made from PVC material and allows for unparalleled strength and usage.

MegaWall is a versatile slotted wall product, designed in various materials to give flexibility and ease of use around the home and shop fitting projects.

Flow Wall is a wall system made from a high density PVC which is impervious to staining and scratches. It is incredibly lightweight yet the panel based system ensures that it can carry a high amount of weight and is distributed evenly throughout the wall.

Clipwall comes in 3.6m lengths which gives the added advantage of long join-free sections. All components discreetly lock together so there are no visible fixings. Clipwall is available in any durable powdercoat colour or in a galvanised finish.

Unislat is a wall system is made from a lightweight plastic which is 50% lighter than wood or metal. It is very easy to install and simply snaps together without revealing the wall brackets or screws creating a smooth and sleek finish.

Proslat is a slotted wall storage system made from 90% recycled material, making it the first choice in eco-friendly wall systems, as well as being much cheaper than many other wall systems.

Plankwall is a stunning addition to the variety of slatwall systems,  perfect for any shop fitter’s range of materials – flexible pitches with varying lengths in the All-Ali range, allow for shop fitters and customers to set up the ideal display, while the MDF Panel Plankwall gives natural beauty while supporting the whole range of accessories in the Plankwall and Slatbox storage bin range. 

Channel Panel is a slotted wall system which can be single or double sided made from extruded aluminum for strength and durability. It is easy to install and there are many sizes for increased flexibility with installation.

Louvre Panel wall system is designed to support plastic storage bins, small parts boxes and containers on a wall; they are made from cold rolled mild steel and are very suitable for being mounted on the wall with accessories that enable you to store spare parts and other products.


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