Accessories For Slatbox, Slatwall, Squaregrid & Pegboard


Slatbox™ introduces our Universal DIY Storage kit.



Featuring our revolutionary Slatbox™ Modular Slatgrid packaged complete with inbuilt wallmount, installation tips and 4 screw fasteners. Slatbox™ Modular Slatgrid 08-SG01 is available in stylish Black, White or Chrome finish.  


Hobibox™ 10 packs with our Modular Slatgrid are the ideal DIY solution!

Match this wall kit with our handy 10 packs of Hobibox™ (sold separately). Featuring our patented "unihook" attachment, Hobibox™ is designed to be the most univeral storage box on the market. Fits directly into pegboard, slotted wall or grid without the need for any adaptors!   Hobibox™ is available in 2 handy sizes in a range of fashion colors.  Economical, strong and lightweight with an inbuilt label holder and scoop front for easy access.






Our patented Slatbox™ pegboard adaptor is perfect for integrating pegboard and the Slatbox™ system.   Slatbox™ can be used with pegboard, slatwall, slatgrid and squaregrid.
Slatbox™ Pegboard Adaptor
(Inches pegboard systems -Part Number 03-PEG-01)
(Metric pegboard systems - Part Number 03-PEG-02)

Standard colour available in:  Silver
Custom powdercoat colours are available
Slatbox™ Pegboard Adaptor with Storbox™- Standard



   Divider A

(Part number 02-A-CL)
Vertical divider
Available in clear only,
suits: Storbox Standard 01-01A and Storbox Wide 01-02A
   Divider C

(Part number 02-C-CL)
Vertical divider
Available in clear only,
suits: Storbox Big 01-04C
   Divider D

(Part number 02-D-CL)
Horizontal divider
Available in clear only,
suits: all Shelfbox series,
Shelfbox 100 01-08D
Shelfbox 200 01-05D
Shelfbox 300 01-06D
Shelfbox 400 01-07D



Strong, simple to install, Modular Slatgrid™ kit ideal to mount your complete Slatbox® storage system.  Perfect to maximise space and bring order to your garage, laundry, family room, hobbies, office or business. Match this Slatbox® modular grid with the Slatbox™ containers that best suit your needs. Expand your display by installing multiple modular slatgrid units. 

Product Code: 08-SG01 Available in black or white wire. 
Dimensions assembled:  Metric 600mm x 555mm,  Inches  24" x 22". 
(Each kit packaged with 4 screw fasteners per panel and installation tips)



Our patented Slatbox™ squaregrid adaptor is perfect for integrating square grid and the Slatbox™ system.  Slatbox™ can be used with pegboard, slatpanel, slatgrid, slatmesh and squaregrid.
squaregrid adaptor

Slatbox™ Squaregrid Adaptor
(Part Number 03-GRD-01)
150mmW x 30mmH

5.9"w x 1.2"H

Storbox™ Standard using squaregrid adaptor 


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