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Display Ideas 

Slatbox is a versatile and adaptive product giving you the flexibility to use it in a wide range of settings from home garage to shop fittings.

Shop Fittings

The universal capabilities of Slatbox make it an idea product for shop fittings and is used with some of the biggest brands in the world to help display and sell their products. 


Home Garage

The low cost and visual appeal make Slatbox™ storage boxes ideal for home garage organisation. Create an entire slatwall in your garage for ultimate storage versatility. Store whatever you like and reorganise to your heart’s content!

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Whether you're running a day care centre, or designing your storage solution for toddlers, toy storage is one of the best parts of designing a play area for children – creating a safe, accessible area for storage can be a pleasure, as it helps parents and carers support the safe play of their children.

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Dealerships & Mechanics

Dealerships and Mechanic shops such as Toyota have chosen Slatbox to store, display and organise both their showrooms and workshops.

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