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Out of the desire to create a truly universal storage solution, our unique Slatbox® products have been carefully designed and rigorously tested. Through the innovation and drive of a team of young achievers, and with the ultimate aim of providing a superior product at a fair price at all times, Slatbox® was first launched into the  world market in 2005. Our goal is to offer an innovative product that always satisfies customers demands.



Trading as Slatbox Storage Solutions, Slat Accessories Pty Ltd is an innovative Australian company based in Brisbane, the capital of the Sunshine State—Queensland, Australia. We manufacture from our factory in Taiwan to ensure our products are globally competitive and at their best price points and we have been certified compliant to Manufacturing International Standard SA 8000:2001.

We fully develop product designs, conduct extensive research and development, ensure tight quality control and oversee production of the Slatbox™ range. We ship globally and distribute through our network of dedicated importers located in over 20 countries.  Our company is committed to guaranteeing Australian design excellence, superior product quality and complete customer satisfaction.


We are the worldwide patent owners, designers and manufacturers of our range of unique Slatbox® storage and display products. Fully Australian designed, with advanced manufacturing features including high weight bearing capacity, dishwasher safe, food safe, microwave safe, freezer safe and PP Recyclable.

Suitable for over bench mounting, shelving, gondola or wall mount. Also suitable for storing supplies for homes, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, medical centres, pet stores, fruit shops, sporting equipment, toys, spare parts, seasonal displays and for all packaged and loose items.


Slatbox® products combine our patented designs with distinguished style to create a truly exceptional system.  We have developed our revolutionary  Slatbox® storage system to display, organise and restore order in universal application. Allowing an average 80% more utility of wall space,  Slatbox® products are used everyday by retailers, component production teams, spare parts dealers, pet stores, wholesalers, marine equipment dealers, clinical suppliers, sporting goods stores, hospitals, supermarkets, hardware chains, hair salons, newsagents, postal offices, pharmacies, party suppliers, florists, confectioners, schools, homes and more!!  All around the world people enjoy using our clever Slatbox® products.

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